About Judo Belize Federation
-The Organization and The Members-

The Organization

Member of the International Judo Federation, HQ at Martial Arts Academy Dojo (Red Dragons), recognized by Belize Olympic Association and National Sports Council.

Officers and Members of JBF

Officers (4years: until 2018DEC)

  • The President : Franz Menzies
  • Vice-President : Juan Card
  • General Secretary: Leon Guild
  • Treasurer: Miguel Mahitani
  • Assistant Treasurer & Event Coordinator: Remus Betancourt
  • Committee Members: Javier Molina
  • Technical Director: Masateru Ishizaki (JICA volunteer; from June 2017 to June 2019)

Appointed Officer (4years: until 2018DEC)

  • Public Relations Officer: Javier Molina

Honorary Life Time Member: Wellington Chee